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Interstate is your local destination for affordable tractor part and chrome accessories. When you are looking for essential components that allow you to get from job to job with ease, visit our shop to browse our stock. We carry many of the industry’s leading brands, and yet we still back our inventory with some of the lowest prices around. Don’t hesitate to consult our ASE-certified team to learn find out exactly what products are right for your rig.

If you are too busy or unable to change tractor trailer parts on your own, our mechanics are more than happy to handle necessary installation, replacement, and repair projects. We understand that you lose money the longer you’re off the road, so we go above and beyond to return your truck to you as soon as possible.

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Whether you are in need of chrome accessories or LED lighting to make your truck stand out from the rest, our shop has the accessories you need to get back on the road in style. We understand the importance of speed when you are trying to fix your heavy-duty truck – that’s why we ensure we have everything you need readily available. Our fully stocked facility features a variety of common and uncommon parts for sale that are geared towards the trucking industry.

Troubleshoot and repair your tractor just got a whole lot easier. Our mechanics bring many years of experience to each repair project they undertake, and they are ASE and WreckMaster certified. We are even equipped to provide minor roadside repair in your time of need.

ITR, Inc.

Carrying a Vast Selection of Quality Tractor Accessories

Are you looking for a particular tractor part brand? Visit our shop to browse our stock and discover a wealth of nationally trusted resources. As mechanics, we strive to carry the parts that clients just like you demand every day. Let us provide the affordable, yet popular, brand-name tractor accessories you want, including those from:

  • Trux Accessories
  • Maxxima Lighting
  • RoadWorks Manufacturing

Take Advantage of our Tire Service

One of the most impressive collections carried at our shop is our selection of tires. Featuring popular sizes of new, used, re-capped, and re-grooved truck tires, our inventory of tires for sale is sure to satisfy even the choosiest of tractor drivers. Should you experience tire problems during a trip, you don’t even have to come to us. We’ll bring your ideal tire choice to you as a part of our interstate fleet services. Available for most national fleet accounts, such as Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Michelin, we change the damaged tire on-site so you can continue your trek as soon as possible.

Contact Interstate to learn more about our selection of heavy-duty tires, parts, and accessories. We serve clients from Rock Hill, York County, South Carolina, and beyond.